Oblique Camera System

We developed a five-sided oblique camera system.  We have been capturing oblique aerial photos for more than a decade and have conducted considerable research into furthering the development of oblique aerial imaging.

In 2001, we presented a paper to the ASPRS regarding the use of oblique air photos for detecting bark beetle damage, specially noting that due to the oblique angle of the photos, the shapes of tree crowns were more easily distinguishable. Since then, we have been involved in several projects using oblique air photos for urban and forestry projects.

Key features of our oblique aerial camera system are:

  • Captures all four oblique angle photos during a single flightline.
  • Rigidly mounted.
  • Simultaneously triggered by flight management system.
  • Crab and tilt corrected mount.
  • 100 megapixel metric cameras.