Oblique Air Photos

Oblique aerial photography offers a unique perspective compared to traditional vertical air photos. Above ground features are more pronounced and many people find that objects are easier to distinguish on oblique air photos.

St Pauls Hospital, Downtown Vancouver. High, bright overcast.

We integrate our oblique air photos into Flyeye viewing software (www.flyeye.ca). Flyeye is available as an ArcMAP plugin that accurately displays of georeferenced air photo imagery. Some key features of our oblique imagery are:

  1. Oblique photos can be viewed as georeferenced imagery in conjunction with orthophotos and shapefiles.
  2. Integrated into Flyeye so that when you zoom into a location on a photo and the other photos will simultaneously orient to the same location.
  3. The shape of above ground features can be viewed (example: tree species easier to distinguish from oblique photo because you can see the crown shape).
  4. Excellent choice for coastline surveys & transmission line surveys.
Works well for hydroline surveys.